Enzymatic process does not require any degumming, caustic, and does not produce soap.  Glycerin is a much higher quality and methanol usage is lower than traditional transestification process.

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This should provide you with more information on the

enzymatic biodiesel production process and show you how to drive

down cost and increase profits using enzymes for your production

capabilities, and what the next steps are to implement the enzymatic

The Enzymatic Biofuel system improves conversion economics in nine ways:

1. Biodiesel is easier to separate from crude glycerin because of the absence of emulsifying soaps.

2. The use of low grade oil feedstocks, especially those with Free Fatty Acid higher than 3% and even up to 100% can now be employed.Low-grade oil feedstocks with FFA content as high as 100 percent can now be processed into ASTM biodiesel

3. Very little waste, Traditional caustic transesterification results in large amounts of alkaline toxic waste and complexity in downstream processing.

4. Low-grade oils can now be used without significant pretreatment.

5. Virgin oils no longer need to be degummed.

6. Catalysts are typically not reusable, Enzymes in the process have a 12 month shelf life.

7. Crude glycerin is significantly free of contaminants and can be more readily refined.

8. Precision E2500 Biodiesel Production Unit yields $0.20 per gallon processed feedstock.

9. No heating is required, so much less energy is consumed.


Esterification or Transesterification

The enzymatic process is a direct replacement for WVO feedstock pretreatment using acid esterification, sulfuric acid, or solid acid catalysts, and generates a dry (<1500ppm water), low FFA (<1%) feedstock ready for transesterification. For very high FFA feedstocks like acid distillates or brown grease, this process is very cost effective.

We have successfully scaled up our enzymatic transesterification process into a commercial Precision E2500 Biodiesel Production Unit using Enzymes. Biodiesel producers interested in implementing enzyme catalysts for existing or future transesterification production facilities can contact us directly for a site evaluation.

Getting Started

Your plant can first invest in the enzymatic equipment for feedstock pretreatment, or you can implement a complete enzymatic biodiesel solution using the enzymes for transesterification.

Next Steps

We are inviting companies interested in the enzymatic process to send us a 5 gallon oil sample to test on a lab scale. We already have extensive data on yellow grease (used cooking oil), brown grease, corn oil, and palm fatty acid distillate.

For more on Enzymes for Esterification or Transesterification or to have your feedstock tested please contact us at info@70CentsaGallon.com (941) 870-2306 http://www.70centsagallon.com/solutions/enzymatic-biodiesel.html


We just about all see the oil costs going up progressively. This is simply not only a news item; very
low direct effect on our wallet. Usage costs for just about any system that we get like heating system
systems or vehicle which runs on diesel, get increased significantly within the last many years and it
will not show any indication that it will cease rising. Any difficulty . we now have no control upon
these prices and nothing which we, as the typical people, can perform. Well, which is absolutely
incorrect! Using alternative power like biodiesel conserve us greater than 50% percents from the
energy costs.
Beyond the truth that there are lots of benefits regarding using biodiesel, I am going to concentrate
just around the economical aspect which will free your finances and help a person reducing
significantly the costs on diesel. You may make bio diesel at home inside your
garage or even backyard. I realize you are thinking it is extremely complicated procedure and a
massive hassle; well, it is far from that!
Generating biodiesel is not really that complicated sounds.
With the right guidance and also the right biodiesel home kit, that you can prepare on
your own as well, the whole process of producing biodiesel is still not complicated.
What precisely is biodiesel?
Biodiesel is the fuel which is made of vegetable oil or animal body fat instead of petrodiesel
which is depending on fossil fuels.
In in an attempt to produce biodiesel we have to separate the actual vegetable oil as well as animal
fat in the glycerin. The actual separation is done through transesterification (chemical process title
;-)). The procedure requires the addition of 2 materials, glycerin and sodium hydroxide or lye.
There is absolutely no reason to become intimidated by these types of big
words. Creating biodiesel with a biofuel kit saves big money which is thrilling us all.

For any individuals that are ready to begin producing biodiesel fuel from your own home a bio-diesel kit is a perfect choice. A biodiesel processor will certainly help you to start making biomass fuel on a small scale.

Biodiesel is a fantastic alternative to power your diesel engine cars or trucks. You can use it in any engine that runs off diesel fuel. Biodiesel is actually a cleaner and more secure fuel resource compared to regular diesel. It actually is far better for the powerplant and far better for the ecosystem. Biodiesel has a number of advantages so producing your own biodiesel at home is a fantastic idea.

At Home Biodiesel Manufacturing

Manufacturing biodiesel in modest batches using a biodiesel plant is quite simple. It takes a little of your time and some work to make the biodiesel you need. The vegetable oil you make use of will be most important. If you utilize clean vegetable oil then the production time is cut down.

The biodiesel kit typically comes with specific guidelines about what you need to create biodiesel fuel. A biodiesel plant will help you combine the ingredients, let them settle, get rid of the glycerin and after that clean the fuel for use.

Tips About How A Biodiesel Plant Will Help You

Having a biodiesel processor will help make your experience with biodiesel far simpler.
A biodiesel kit will allow you to make sure that you are doing everything correctly because it includes instructions to make sure you should have little difficulty producing a batch of biodiesel fuel at home with a biodiesel processor.

What to Expect

Once you get your Biodiesel processor you need to examine all the parts to verify everything is there and in good condition. It’s also wise to locate the instructions and read them carefully prior to starting. After that you can assemble your materials and start making your biodiesel. A biodiesel kit is best for a smaller amount of biodiesel.

You can make Biodiesel at home! It can be easy, once you learn the right way. If you desire to learn how to make biodiesel fuel at home, be sure to visit our biodiesel kit web page and learn how to make biodiesel from home.