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B-60 Dry Wash Unit Biodiesel Kit


70CentsaGallon B-60 Dry Wash System Biodiesel Kit $2,050.00 – Available in black chromoly steel or BCRMO for $2,463.00


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B-60 has the capacity to produce 45-gallon batches of Biodiesel every 5 hours.


This is a complete At Home Biodiesel processing system that produces Biodiesel for your personal vehicles.

System includes a stainless steel temperature gauge (for accuracy), 1/2 HP Biodiesel mixing pump (for

complete reactions), HD schedule 40 plumbing and valves.

The B-60 uses our exclusive External Heat Exchanger to safely heat Waste Vegetable Oil to 120 degrees in 30 minutes!


New!! Steel piping now available with this unit, please contact us for details.



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B-60 Home System with Dry Wash


$2050.00 Available in black chromoly steel or BCRMO for $2,463.00








B-150 Dry Wash Unit


B-150 biodiesel kit has the capacity to produce 125-gallon batches of Biodiesel every 7 hours

Down Load B-150 Farm Processor Info Doc Here



All steel plumbing, explosion proof mixing pump, and heavy duty brass ball

valves. The methoxide mixing tank is plumbed with the explosion proof pump for

safety and ease of use.

  • 110 Gallon Per Minute Explosion Proof MethoxidePump
  • 150 Gallon High Density Polyethylene ReactorModule
  • 30 Gallon High Density Polyethylene MethoxideModule
  • Complete Instructions and Support
  • Digital PH Meter and Digital Scales
  • Dry Wash With Purolite Dry Wash Filter PurolitePD206
  • External Heat Exchanger
  • Hardware Installation Kit
  • Safety Kit (Goggles, Apron, &Gloves)
  • Stainless Steel TemperatureGauge

$5999.00 Includes FREE Shipping in


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